Personal Training & ‘Selfie Awareness’

Let’s be honest… we all have a stash of selfies and or mirror pics stored somewhere

in our phones, whether we admit it or not. Some of us keep them hidden or for personal

use, while others may habitually post them to our favorite social media outlets. The

question is, “Why do we take these pictures in the first place?”

It all begins with our innate desire to gauge our self-image; we like to see how we

think we look to ourselves and others. It could be a ladies’ night out and your make-up

It is flawless, so you have to capture the moment. Or a guy fresh out of the barber’s

chair admiring a perfect line-up and beard trim. These are examples of times when we

feel confident that we’re looking at our best, so we want to hold on to that self-image.

Though some may not truly see the power in taking selfies, this common practice of

“selfie-awareness” can be highly beneficial to both mental and physical health. Not only

can it strengthen how we view ourselves, by building our self-esteem, but

we can also use it as a tool for self-motivation.

Health and Wellness have been a consistently more prevalent topic as well as the

fastest growing industry in our society for the past ten years or more. Eating healthier,

exercise, and mental health are part of most conversations amongst today’s people. It

may be about the discovery of new superfoods, ground-breaking inventions, or the

wave of fitness journeys we see happening around us so often. The fact is that more of

us are putting forth a concerted effort to feel and look right through self-care.

Physical training, diet plans, and guided meditation has swept multiple generations in

recent years, resulting in heightened awareness and overall health consciousness.

It shows in the rise of fitness-based television programs, exercise gurus and of course

the “bully-proof” bunch who dare to take our transformation journey to social media

without fear of judgment.

So as fortunate as it is to have so many options available, the problem is, we don’t know

which trainer, plan, or journey is legit. How can one be sure that what we choose will

work for us? We all want our own best self-image to shine through.

A personal trainer can eliminate most if not all, of the confusion in deciding what’s

best for one’s health and progress. Instead of a general approach to reaching a goal

weight or desired physical shape, a personal assessment is taken. This allows the

trainer to create a customized plan best for the desired results. At times

when self-motivation fails, there’s an influencer and a coach assigned to your corner.

Having a personal trainer allows the luxury of step by step guidance, and individual

focus on goals, brightening the path to a healthier self-image. Physical abilities are

enhanced, self-confidence increases, and overall self-esteem is boosted when personally and adequately trained by a professional.Training in the privacy of one’s own home or a setting most suitable for productivity is ideal, especially for those who aren’t comfortable working out in public

With onlookers. Some need to be in a zone, one-on-one with supervision, and that’s just what a personal trainer provides. You can grow and transform privately at your own

pace. You might even find more full body mirror pictures in your secret stash as you


Mental and physical health go hand in hand. Taking care of your body also takes

care of your mind in quite a few ways. Forming good habits with discipline brings peace

of mind, and being active assists in the relief of physical and mental tension. When we

feel relaxed and confident, our self-value is more evident; our outlook on ourselves and

the world changes for the better. Maybe one day, we’ll ALL post pictures and videos of

our fitness journeys to the world with full confidence while influencing, even more, to

motivate themselves and others with a little “selfie-awareness.”

Oh yeah, Flite Athletics definitely improves selfie awareness!

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