Gym Training Vs. In-Home Training

We all know that person who wants to train so badly, yet they can't seem to take the time to get to the gym. We also see another person who doesn't like training in the gym at all and will avoid it all costs. Then, there's the person who never finds the opportunity to work out at home and, therefore, must get to a gym to train. Close by is the person we know who would love to exercise at home but can't seem to keep the focus there... 

    I could continue with at least five more examples of reasons why people find difficulties in deciding which workout environment best suits their exercise needs — making the debate about gym training versus in-home personal training an ongoing one. Are you in the list of people I described? Or have you already chosen your side on which is better? Let's check out some pros & cons of both… 

Benefits of Gym Training 

  • Assists in a motivational mindset. Being in an environment specifically designed for your task keeps you driven and focused. 

  • It provides a wide variety of machines and equipment. More choices for different exercises will help in a progressive & complete body workout. 

  • Enjoy group workouts. Interacting with others on a fitness journey is excellent for motivation and support to remain consistent. 

Drawbacks of Gym Training 

  • Gym memberships can be pricey. The best gym facilities can be a strain on the pocket. Especially if you pay extra for a trainer and specialized classes. 

  • Getting to the gym can be a hassle. Sometimes the gym isn't as accessible as you'd like. The commute alone can thwart a planned workout if you're low on time. 

  • You revoke your right to privacy. You're subject to stares, ample distractions, and sharing equipment. This can make you uncomfortable as well as interfere with your exercise plans and goals. 

   Based on these pros and cons, many of you reading have already made up your mind about exercising in the gym as opposed to working out at home. The gym may fit perfectly for your particular lifestyle, providing you with just the right formula for a whole training experience. If the pros outweigh the cons and the gym seems to be better for you, go for it! But, before you go, be sure to read the pros and cons of in-home personal training as well… 

Benefits of In-home Personal Training 

  • For sure, it saves money. You won't have to be concerned with paying for transportation, gym membership, nor buying new gym clothes. 

  • It allows flexibility in scheduling. Now your trainer comes to you. Saves a lot of time traveling. You no longer need to create your workout plan, get dressed, have water, and get ready for your trainer's arrival. 

  • Training at home promotes peace of mind and comfort. When you're in your own familiar space, you tend to be more relaxed and at ease. This can help you have a more effective workout. 

Drawbacks of In-home Personal Training 

  • Unfortunately, traffic can cause your trainer to arrive late. This may break your schedule. Flite Athletics and other In-home training companies, however, have a no-fault policy for our clients. After 15 min late, the training session is free. 

  • Limited space can be a reason an individual decides to go to the gym. Flite Athletics personal trainers are trained specially to work in close quarter spaces. 

  • Children at home. Flite Athletics trainers also are well experienced with training with children in the house, as this is an ordinary situation that out trainers face daily. 


Understand that Flite Athletics has thoroughly gone through each of our programs to work with almost any home situation. Our trainers take on the challenge and have to create on the fly in several different scenarios. Our trainers understand they represent Flite Athletics and have taken on strenuous In-home personal training practicals to become a trainer for Flite. As gyms do have an abundance in machines and dumbbells. Our trainers all have flawless background checks as well as mastered the art of writing training programs. Train with us or try a free training and health assessment and see what the hype is all about.

Get off your bum and Take Flite!

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